^ The Holy Well of Toberreendoney, is still there; North - East of "Johnny Molloys" homestead. Also obvious is that the junction at Corinthians Rugby Club remains similar to what it was in this 1840 map.

The Holy Well of Toberreendoney ( Toberreendonen ), near Killeen. Latitude; 53.319273 and longitude of -8.980674. See Yahoo Map

Local Historian; P.G. can recall stories of Mass Paths to this place, with some people travelling from Lydican as well. Another local mentions styles over walls, to get to here (M.E.).



The Holy Well of Tober Mac Duagh (Tobermacduagh), which is on the Galway side of the Tynan's dog track in Pollkeen. No longer used but people were christened here (ref. M.Jo). It is located near the following coordinates; 53.315426 , -8.997813 . Map (new window) in new window.

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