The Waithmans owned the Merlin Park Estate, for a time.

This Estate was commandeered through Compulsory Purchase to build the Hospital of Today.

Wathman had another House - Murrough House of that Townland. South of that, there was a Pier at the Shore. It is this Pier and general vicinity, which was mentioned as a possible outlet for the Waters of Pollavulreen and the Sandy River.

  • Murrough House (aka Murroogh) Coordinates; 53.270064 ,  -9.002908
  • This structure is about half way between the Murrough Level Crossing and the Shoreline.
  • Elevation of about 10 metres (?), there should have been a reasonable view across the Bay.
  • It had a Back entrance for services
  • A Gate House was just North.
  • G.M.I.T. buys it around 2007

Coordinates of the Pier / Quay ; 53.268615 , -9.002409

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