Two Mile Ditch is the name of a Village, in the Townland of Pollkeen in Castlegar, County Galway.

  • This Village is no longer obvious, due to the depopulation over the years.
  • The 1842 maps will show it to a busier place than it is today, with houses and sheds in good concentrations.
  • Two Mile Ditch is on the Tuam Road (N17).
  • In the Irish Language, it is known as Cladh Dá Mhíle.
  • About three miles, North East of Galway City.
  • There are no modern housing estates.
  • Businesses today include two Industrial Estates of Lyons and CasserlyKph plant hire are here also. Roadstone, of course, is here for quite a while, and Clondalkin operated for a time in some sort of partnership.
  • The nearest Village to the south west would be Parkmore Village.
  • Two Mile Ditch is said to have got its name from a double wall, at that place which was two English Miles from the City of Galway (ref. M.Jo).
    Those well-made Limestone Walls, on most sides of the Tuam Road, were built by the Galway County Council - early '60's, That task force included local Men.
  • Directly west is the Townland of Cappanabornia.
  • See, the Flood of 2009, in Two Mile Ditch.
  • A few new Street Lights are added Tuam wards, in late 2015.


Two Mile Ditch

^ The Map above is from sometime after 1890, showing a Lime Kiln (coordinates; 53.306274, -8.996536 ) Quarries, Wells for Water, and Sheepfolds for .... Sheep.

two mile ditch

Map from 1840

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^Above, in the 1840's map, we can see the Quarry (still there) and a Trigl. /Trig. station / Triangulation Station marking 221 behind it. The road towards it, no longer exists while a likeness still does for part of it.

Home to;

  • Morohan and Hughes, a Builder Providers, which morphed into Mc Mahons ( 53.301111 ,-9.007159) , Map. . Now called Mc Mahon's Builder Providers, but likely to be C.P.O, 'ed, by either the Galway or City Council, to facilitate their dream for a Motorway through a place like this.
  • Ted Murphy, the Great Hurler.
  • Previously here - SLD Pumps, Lowry's Dismantlers  and Donellly's Coal..
  • Temporary Home to the famous John Donnellan, Bosco Mc Dermot, Galway Yoga Teacher , Creganna (yes, the Medical Device Company, had a presence here, in another sector.), the Rooneys, now of A.W.P.. and from Carrowbrowne
    A Shop was here for a time.

 Past Landmarks.


providing Building materials in the 70's and 80's before such Merchants were common place.


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Around April the 20th, 2013, a speed camera related sign, is erected - the limit being established for some time, before - 50 kmh .


December 27th, 2013 - The Storm knocks a Tree near Roadstone.