This particular Monument was built to commemorate a visit by King James, circa 1690. He was the King of England at the time.

Local accounts suggest that he camped in Menlo for a number of months, awaiting more favourable conditions to engage with the French in Castlebar, County Mayo.

It is also suggested that one of his Generals, who was due to retire anyway, actually settled in Menlo. Descendants of this General are known today as the Francis’s.

This must make this Monument one of the oldest in Castlegar, and the road that it sits near, is named after it.

Coordinates; 53.303282 , -9.064912 / 53° 18' 11.8152" , -9° 3' 53.6826" .

Elevation; 73 feet, 22.25 metres.

A.K.A. Lacht, or Leacht - Irish for a mound of Stones, generally.

Restored somewhat in 2014.


(ref. L.C. and J.C.)