The Mass Rock (Carraig an Aifrinn ) is in the Grounds of the Ballybrit Racecourse, in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway

Coordinates; 53.297481 , -8.996602

Townland; Ballybrit

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Where is it? Just North of the old Tote, and immediately South of the Race Track.

During the Penal Laws, where going to Official Mass was outlawed, Locals would assemble at this place, covertly.

To get here from various destinations, tracks, and Boreens were used; their new function changed their names to that of Mass Paths. See one example, which led to this Place.

Mass Rock


^side view

^Pope John Paul the second, blessed this Rock, during his Papal Visit to Ireland (and Ballybrit), in 1979.

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