• See the Monument at Castlegar.
  • Consider reading an Article involving some Castlegar Men at http://www.claregalway.ie/newcms/content/view/47/65/1/3/ (new window). - Update - this page has moved to http://www.claregalway.ie/index.php/local-history-mainmenu-65/28-information/claregalway-historical-and-cultural-society - there is an image there also, of Rockwood House (Holmes). This has moved again and is now at http://claregalway.info/history/1916-troubles/
  • Read an interesting Article entitled "Republican Family" (open in new window - sorry; that page has also moved, or been removed - it was at an internal page of http://archive.galwayindependent.com), which offers some detail on local Castlegar Families.
  • http://archive.galwayindependent.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=23807&Itemid=82 - Willie Henry tells of a Castlegar Republican Family.
  • Kilroe Ambush, 1921 - read this written statement; http://www.bureauofmilitaryhistory.ie/reels/bmh/BMH.WS0875.pdf#page=7
  • Brian Molloy on the formation of the Castlegar I.R.A. Company. (The Killeen Barracks, he mentions was across from Mc Hughs Pub). He tells of the fabrication of Pikes, his improsonment on Dartmoor and the Isle of Wight, names members, who "answered the call during Easter Week, 1916" and more. Read the rest of this fascinating account (18 pages).
  • "After the Truce, an officers Camp for training, was established at Killeen Castle, Galway". Is this the local Killeen Castle, one wonders?


Related reading with references to Mc Hugh's pub, Holmes - presumably Holmes' Hill ( Divilly's in recent years - Yahoo map aka Fox's) from 1922 - http://places.galwaylibrary.ie/history/chapter112.html


See another reference, and make of it what you will - http://galwayhistory.info/galway-streets/the-town-hall.html


http://www.advertiser.ie/galway/article/10670 - Joe Togher.

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