The Good Shepherd Church in Doughiska, Castlegar County Galway, was necessary to facilitate the population explosion in that area.

It now appears that the Good Shepherd is a parish in itself, meaning that it still in Castlegar, but not in the parish, I suppose? So, some editing of other pages needs to be done, when we get to the bottom of it.

Anyway, it has its own website at with some of its parish history onsite, as well as other relevant and good information. You can click on the image below, to take you there.

Thumb image of the Good Shepherd website

Address; G.A.A. Sports Complex,



Telephone Number: ( 091 ) 756823

Update 2013.

This Parish may be getting their own Church, to the North - ongoing.


Geographical Coordinates; 53.276694 and -8.975686 West ( 53° 16' 36.0978" , -8° 58' 32.469" ) . Approx., and you shouldn't be to far away from this destination. Elevation; about 80 feet or 24.384 metres.

To see this on Yahoo Maps, you can use this link.

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