The Font Roundabout (Ffont - or De Fuente )- is one of a number of Roundabouts in Castlegar, County Galway

  • Intersects Bothar Na dTreabh and the N17 (Tuam road).
  • It is beside Musgraves / SuperValue (Formely Nilands Cash and Carry).
  • Another Galway Tribe name.
  • Ask for directions; Beside Fleming's Garage, near E.J.Caulfields, Rocca Tiles and Monaghans Filling station/ shop.
  • Nearest pub is Jacksons, The Trappers Inn and the Galway Plate Restaurant
  • About Two miles North-East of Galway City.
  • Closest Church is Saint Columba's

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Coordinates; Latitude - 53.290724 / 53° 17' 26.6058"

Longitude - -9.019658 / -9° 1' 10.7682" - ( 53.290724, -9.019658 )

Elevation - 92 feet / 28.04 metres.




Last on November 26, 2010. Updated now on Nov. 15, 2011 but reflecting change on Nov. 14 of same year.

Traffic Cones in their hundreds - a physical/visual simulation perhaps.



Feb. 2012. Circa the 20th. (H)

The Font Junction, and that of the expiring Morris "Roundabout", are at the beginnings of a makeover - a switching over to a soon-to-be "smart" or centrally controlled Traffic Light System. The theory is that centralised control of many Junctions should reap benefits through real time monitoring and immediate reaction to their conditions.

............ 24th. The Roundabout innards are scooped into a"heightly" display.

June 6, 2012. The Font Traffic Lights are lit.




^ Old image of the Font; before she was lit.