The most recent addition to the Castlegar Roundabouts, known for now as the Coolagh Roundabout and Junction. Presumably named after the nearby village of Coolough (older name appears on old maps - Coolagh). We have two Villages of that spelling; one to the South and one to the North.

This opened on a temporary basis on the 21st of November, 2009, mainly to offer an alternative for traffic marooned in the flooded network of regional roads. Official opening date was to be December 2009 and this junction closed again a few day after the temporary arrangement.

Approximate Coordinates; 53.285915 and -8.979343

Elevation; 96 feet

Location; Midway between the Lynch and Martin Roundabout

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This is the most Western end of the M6 Motorway.

Close to the Briarhill Shopping Centre, parallel to the old Doughiska road.