A Castle still exists in Castlegar Village, County Galway and was the brief home of the Norman; Richard Burke (de Burgo), fourth Earl of Clanricarde.

Coordinates for directions; 53.2983 , -9.0215

Elevation; 40 feet (12.192 Metres)


  • This Castle played a major part in the Boreen Festival of 2009 and 2010.
  • It is a Limestone (sedimentary rock) structure, with one corner completely missing, while the North East Facade is in pretty good condition.
  • Richard Burke built this Castle after the his son was beheaded by O Flaherty; an over reaction perhaps to a demand for taxes. Burke is said to have only stayed one night, before moving out to Portumna Castle in the South of County Galway.
  • This Castle has an excellent view toward the West (Galway City), with limited vision to the East, North and South. See the Elevation of Castlegar for some approximate stats.
  • A beautiful stone arch is still visible today, as are a number of narrow slit windows. Half of the roof is missing.

See more information on the Handball element of this place at http://irishhandballalley.blogspot.com/2010/04/castlegar-cogalway.html

See a dynamic map of this Castle.



^ With side walls to contain the game of handball and hurling practice which this facility was used for for many years. Today, you can see the large potted plants which add to this space.


^ The South East view with the left half of an arch on the ground floor.


^ The Place name carved in limestone and positioned against the North East face.

Below are some sample photographs graciously given by Connect Castlegar's recent project.

Castle Interior

^ The Castle's interior clearly showing buttress stones and more arches.

narrow window

^ Narrow defensive openings