The first widely organised Castlegar Arts and Heritage Day came to pass on Sunday, the 4th of October 2009.

A local Group, known as Connect Castlegar, was the main driver of this Festival

A new event, not the last, was driven by Michelle and Anne. The people in between made the day and the reason for it.


The day began at 2pm, in the grounds of Castlegar N.S., progressing down Spellman's Boreen, along Bothar Na Choiste, and ending with largesse at The Castlegar Village Castle in Castlegar Village.

Stage Event
1 Nature and Heritage talk with Gordon D'Arcy, exploring and enlightening on Flora and Fauna topics.
2 Drummer and musicians

The Clay Village made by children with artist Michelle Tully.

4 The “Wishing Tunnel” – hang your ribbons and rags to make a wish.
5 Musicians, followed by an Art installation using Clay Modelling with a Hurling theme by Michelle Tully; local Artist.

Biddy Baad Stick the Puppet, an exhibition by Puppeteer; Pat Bracken.

7 The Wall of Fame for Castlegarians. with Census, Maps, and Poems for Castlegar. Presented by Deirdre Goggin.
8 Tug O’War: fun for everyone.
9 Famine Stories at the cottage gable with Willie Henry; local Galway historian.

The Pope’s Visit to Galway recalled with MICHAEL TULLY.


Concert at the CASTLE with music by John Faulkner, readings by poet Gerry Hanberry, dancing at the crossroads with Irish dancers, music and singing with the Parish Choir and talent people of Castlegar.

The timing cooincides with the Harvest Season, and the aim was to celebrate the special Nature and rural Heritage of Castlegar.

The event is curated by artist in residence Michelle Tully, with art works using clay modelling and hurley sticks.

Local talent provided the necessary legwork for Dancing styles such as Set Dancing and Jiving.

Fun and games for all the family, with puppets, a tug o’war, and a treasure hunt…. and an opportunity to make a wish, by tying a ribbon on a tree in the wishing tunnel.



Letter Hunt - The winner must find 15 concealed letters to form a word. This word was written on a piece of paper,
for later adjudication.
Guess the Length of Spellman's Boreen - Best guesstimates in metre units.


See Photographs taken at the Festival;

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The event is a community arts event presented by the Galway city Arts Office, through the community group CONNECT CASTLEGAR, who have been active in the area for the last two years.

*****for more info, call Anne McCabe, at 087 2473149