Spellmans Boreen (bóithrín / narrow road) still connects the School Road to Bóthar Na Coiste and Castlegar Village.

  • Coordinates ; 53.299705 , -9.021137 on the West End. Map in new window.

53.300263 , -9.018488 at the East side or Castlegar National School road. Map in new window.

  • In fact, there are two boreens; one known as Spellmans and the other known as Boithrin Thom ( same family, if not individual, though). Boithrin Thom is to the South, overgrown and generally unusable today. Thanks P.G. and S.C.


Spellman had a house near Tommy Hynes and then moved to the Junction near Crown Control on the Monivea road. The I.D.A. aquired ownership of this and other lands and the Spellmans moved into Mervue.

spellmans boreen

Photos below are kindly supplied by Connect Castlegar from their Boreen Festival Project.






^ New Signage, part of "The Castlegar Way" - Slí Caisleán Gearr (as Gailge) project.

^Obvious above are the two Boreens as they were in the 1840's.

(Extract from the Free maps at http://www.galway.ie/en/Services/Library/1842OSMaps/ , and the copyright is theirs).