Roscam (Roscannin)used to be in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway.

Before that, it was in the Parish of Oranmore.

Overlooking Galway Bay to its south, is an ancient site.

Currently, a Church, Graveyard and Round Tower, can still be seen.

General Coordinates: 53.263868, -8.984239


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This Church is not the original but is still old, filled with stones presumably to clear the surrounding land.

^The Graveyard, viewing to the south towards Galway Bay. A modern-set grave of a local, stands out a little.

^North facing side of the Church with an Office of Public Works, notice (left of centre). The door way to the right is built up with stones, presumably to stop animals from entering. On this very site, was an old Monastery which some believe, was founded by Saint Odran in the mid 500's.

A slanting site generally, tapering to the sea; this place feels remote. No noise from cars, yet a City is close. A carpet of grass, looks trimmed by considerate sheep.

The Round Tower has stones left out purposely, presumably to aid its construction which was never completed.

A Cross Slab, something of historical significance, was found on this site in 1991 and the detail can be read at

See a little more about Roscam and a Castlegar connection in the Louis Darcy article at Wikipedia.