The "Preferred Route" was the name given to the Selected Route out of Seven, for the N6, Galway City Transport Project.

  • The Preferred Route was announced on the 7th of May, 2015.
  • This was more or less, a Route which combined 2 (Bllue and Pink) of the previous 6, into one.
  • See an ARUP Map within a P.D.F. (new window) - with an upload date of 5th May, 2015 - described as "emerging".
  • See a brief History and some Maps, of what happened before May 7th.
  • Briarhill National School, Menlo Village, and the Townlands of Killoughter, Ballygurrane and Pollkeen, are avoided - but at a cost, elsewhere.
  • See the Preferred Route's 3D Model on Youtube.
  • See a variety of Images overlayed on Google Earth.
  • Marguerite Tonery, a Young Professional, becomes the Voice of the Castlegar Group - her People, being from the area for Generations.
  • July - 30 Million per Kilometre on average (presumably due to tunneling costs), seems expensive. See the G.A.. , for that and "unanimous rejection" of this proposed Route.
  • There is no Anarchy or obstructionist attitude even - it simply seems that few (if any) are convinced that such a major infrastructure project as this, has any benefit to it. Some have noticed that the Road (and its Planners) can shift its path to circumvent a Business - there are known changes since May - but no latitude for the Housewife / Homemaker. (Update - See October 28, below).
  • The Youtube Video below, of the Meeting in the Clayton, is long at over 2 hours - and sheds some light on the Political and Institutional "entanglements" - but is not long enough.
  • Ecological Map within an Arup PDF, showing areas of constraint graded by colour. Dated, July 2014.





  • October the 28th, '15. Mr. Michael Timmins discusses the Project with Keith Finnegan, in a Podcast - entering the Statutory Processes by mid 2016, ie., An Bord Pleanala. The preferred / emerging Route is being "tweaked". This week there a number of meetings with those concerned from Clada Minerals to the Racecourse to see can their individual views be accommodated in any way.  "Every analysis indicates that additional Road Space is essential which boils down to an additional crossing of the River", Mr. Timmins said.
  • Oct. 27. There seems to be some revision of the Preferred Route. New Maps are online at Arup. The full extent of how these are received, remain to be seen. The Mass Path is marked as retained. There is a request for Submissions to be into Arup by the 6th of November, this year.

A signalled Junction is proposed at Two Mile Ditch / Cappanabornia, across from the historical Greally House. The Tuam Road widens around here in a South-Easterly direction, to accommodate the extra lanes. In-bound Traffic from Tuam (wishing to cross the Corrib), will get on here. The Historic Houses of Murphy and Flynn, disappear beneath the Matrix, while the Leonards of the Townland to the West, are spared if that is a reasonable way to put it.

Another Signalised Junction seems mapped to the south east of the Tuam Road, between the Townlands of Castlegar and Parkmore - roughly across from the entrance to Reggie's.

School Road - some shifting of the Preferred Route in a Northerly way, and likewise for Bothar na Coiste - different sacrificial Lambs, perhaps, but less in number. The Historic protected structure (Cottage) of Hynes, will be no longer that.


  • An Action Group is beginning to establish, involving some Employers in the Parkmore Industrial Estate, to alleviate Traffic issues. No great details, yet.
  • October 15th, 2015 - Bore Holes are drilled around the Racecourse. See a Few Images on F.B.,( new window).
  • Thursday, 1st of October, 2015 - Fergal Leonard, as someone in the "Firing Line", discusses his position at 17 minutes. "23 Houses in Castlegar, affected.." See an image of "the Road" over Fergal's House, from this map..
  • , 2015. Noel Larkin defends the advancement of the proposed bypass at 51 minutes - "10,000 People between Boston Scientific and H.P....."
  • July 22nd. A Meeting takes place in the Clayton. Local Politicians are in attendance, as they should be. "Anti-bypass meeting attracts 600 people" "Homeowners spoke about being evicted from their homes, and about the devastation it will cause,” said Marguerite Tonery of Castlegar Community Group, which organised the meeting" - ref. C.T.
  • Both the C.T. and the Indo, seem agreed that 41 Homes will be knocked / demolished. (ref. Indo.).