The Old School, in the Townland of Castlegar, near Galway City - is a structure and a Location.

  • It was a School before the new one was built to the North of the Townland. See Castlegar National School.
  • Youth Discos, organised by the Macra na Feirme, were held here - attracting Young People from the adjoining areas - Mervue, Riverside, the Parish of Castlegar generally, and sundry Guests. (Locals ; Scully and Heneghan, were instrumental). Nothing like the Drama of today, and to give an idea of the acceptable standards of that time - floor boards were replaced, mid - Disco.

The Old School in Castlegar Townland.

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  • The broadely Famous; Celine Hesson, held Traditonal  Dancing lessons. Aided by volunteers, such as Judy.
  • Chick Giillen, the Boxer of some note - held Class, also. John Connolly, the famous Hurler, Boxed here.
  • Possibly, the nerve centre for Social Events , before the "Castlegar Complex", was built or widely promoted.
  • A space of a few decades, passed.
  • Joe Dilleen - Plant Hire Business - employing some of the Locals, operated from here - time scale; early '90's.
  • A Craft Shop, opened for a time..
  • Vacant, for a while thereafter.
  • A Succession of Businesses, came on-stream - mainly Baby- related.
  • Coordinates: 53.294897 , -9.015414
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  • Townland; Castlegar.
  • Galway City side, of Leaders Shop.
  • It had Entrances, to the North and South. To the Front, a Door was through the west end of the Porch.
  • A Stage like Platform, was there for a while. Two particular Songs, lurk in the memory from this Stage - Rhinestone Cowboy and Nobody's Child - G.C. and C.R..
  • The Walls were thick - mainly bonded rubble, with some plastering on top.
  • The Floors were Wooden, laid on Joists.
  • Listed as a Protected Structure - Reference; 1704 -,607,en.pdf