A Family by the Name of Nee, had a Filling Station on the Tuam road in Castlegar.

  • Before them, a Family called Rice had this. The Rice's had the Quarry across the road on the site of the former W.l.P.
  • Steven Nee, was probably the first, to have a D8 (large Bulldozer) and Low- Loader, locally.
  • Canon Hyland, lived to the West.
  • Coordinates; 53.293552 , -9.017612
  • Aerial map (open in new window)
  • A Shop developed, and filled a Niche.
  • Cuniffes, owned this after the Nee's, and before Monaghans.

End of October, 2013 - The Canopy, is removed. Everything changes, but the coordinates, are recorded for Historical reasons.

Nee's Filling Station