We offer a brief History up to the 7th of May, 2015. On that date, a Preferred Route, was selected.

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The N6 Galway City Transport Project is a replacement of sorts, for the Galway City Outer Bypass, which seems to be stuck.

The Irish Times, made a great job of explaining the why and where of it all. Two paragraphs from that document are very important;

"All of the six road corridors lie south of the previous proposed project, which was first mooted in 1999. An Bord Pleanála refused permission for the western section on environmental grounds and the Supreme Court quashed permission for the eastern section."

"The selection of so many options is intended to meet the requirements of EU Habitats Directive’s article 6 (4) clause. Under this clause, a project located in a sensitive habitat may be approved if a case can be made that there are no alternatives."


Each pass through the Parish of Castlegar, Galway, connecting the N6 at the Coolough Townland to the Western side of the Corrib River. Coolough, is where the the N6, currently ends at a Junction (formely known as the Coolagh Roundabout). The proposed routes begin East of this current Junction, to provide continuity or a sweeping effect..

This affair begins to heat up around February, 2015. Meetings are arranged, and confusion is rife.
Early March - a delegation of Councillors and Consultants, may head to Brussels in a bid to re-hash or salvage the original Outer City Bypass.

  • Briarhill National School, may be greeted by the Green Route Corridoor, at the South Western end of its Site - its new Access Entrance, included. See high res. map, new window.
  • Poll na Preachan, may have more looking at it, than Crows. As will the Boreen by it.
  • Menlo Village, really "gets it in the Neck", from the same Colour. The old Stone Pillar and Cottage, may be consumed. See Hi-Res. image overlayed on Google (new window).
  • Coolough Townland (to the South), attracts a lot of colouring and might even be a template for a Children's Book.
  • Killoughter, is flanked on the West, but it could have went directly down The Lane, for maximum effect?
  • Parkmore Village is spared, while Two Mile Ditch get a few rubs.
  • The School Road (Castlegar Townland), gets two colours at once - while Ballygurrane and the West end of Ballindooley Village, need not be offended by exclusion.


  • "Light rail is very expensive and the density of Galway city is too spread out. You need a city population of 250,000 for it to work and it doesn't solve the problems outside the city," said Mr Timmins.
    Sean Ryan and his brother Richard would both lose their homes along with those of eight neighbours if the green route is chosen. Indo - April, '15.


The Low Resolution Base Maps seem old, and can be difficult to relate to today. The Green Route in Two Mile Ditch, for example, doesn't reveal the modern entity of Roadstone for reference. Contour Lines are throughout, and can be both helpful and confusing.

The High Resolution Map tells another story. You might say, that these Maps are not generally accessible (by March, 2015) in that one's P.D.F. Reader is not up to Date (try this), or that one's Processor, is too Old and not able to load a file which is somewhere in the region of 10.3 MB. However, an Old X.P., should be able enough.
See one of the Back Gates to the Racecourse, and its level of detail is impressive.

Another, of Bothar Na Coiste in high resolution.


High Res.. ^ Green Route, South of

Menlo Graveyard.


^ School Road, Castlegar Townland.


^ Killoughter



^ Parkmore / Tuam Road / Castlegar






^ Green Route, Two Mile Ditch,

overlayed on

Google Earth.



Ballybrit / Breanloughaun

Donnellans Cross, Ballybrit / Breanloughaun


^ Ballybrit Crescent towards Racecourse.



  • Lewis Lesley, Professor Emeritus at Liverpool John Moores University - The number of trips made by people travelling from outside through the city to an external destination is less than five per cent of Galway’s traffic. ( Galway Independent, Feb. 25th ). He advocates Trams.
  • Still in this Month, many are not aware of whether routes are fly-overs, under-passes, or brutally through some locations and structures. One presumes that you must ask ARUP for particulars.
  • March - Sweetman favours the Pink Route.


  • If we can accept that confusion was rife before, nothing much has happened since to dilute it. The Ten Person Delegation are off to Brussels to try to revisit the original Galway Outer City Bypass, with The European Commission and M.E.P.'s.. "The Executives of both Galway City and County Councils and Arup Consulting Engineers have maintained that, as the proposed N6 Transport Project is an alternative, an IROPI application will not be successful" ( the Galway Independent, 1/04/15).

One wonders why there are County Councillors heading East for such discussions unless they wish to advance this by some mechanism other that the IROPI ? No hint yet.