The Menlo National School is in the parish of Castlegar, County Galway and is one of its three Primary Schools. Associated with Saint Bhride.

It is located on the North West end of Castlegar and close to;


Its about two to three miles from Galway City and the local church is Saint Peter and Paul Church in Coolough.


Telephone: 091 762323

Poor photograph of the school


Entrance to Menlo Castle which is a few hundred yards west of the school.

nearby entrance to menlo castle

Latitude: 53° 18′ 05.74″ North and a Latitude of 9° 04′ 07.44″ West

53.301665 and -9.068707 in coordinate decimal format.

Menlo National School

^ Map from sometime after 1890.


^ 5.24 minutes to 7.01 minutes - The Demolition of the "Old Menlo School" - 2013.

  • Amongst others, is some Commentary by Padraic Small; Native, and Author of Radharc na Neasgai