Menlo is the name of a Village and Townland in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway , Ireland.


Galway  is set to be officially Twinned with Menlo Park, California - when Local Man and Galway Mayor, Mr. Frank Fahy officiates a Ceremony with the Mayor of Menlo Park.  A Plaque is to be unveiled at Menlo Pier on the 19th of May, 2016, to mark the affair.

It is believed that two Men by the Surnames of Mc Glynn and Oliver, were from this Townland. After they emigrated to America, they are said to be instrumental in establishing the Californian Version of Menlo - sometime in the 1850's.

The Menlo Park in California

         ^ The Menlo Park Railway Station, in the State of California, circa 1918


  • Menlo is an old Village, steeped in history.
  • The Famous Menlo Castle is in this place.
  • See Menlo Graveyard.
  • A Pier, is built here, with a new Plaque unveiled in late 2013, celebrating a connection between the Local Menlo and that of California.
  • on the South bank of the Lough Corrib, while more of this Townland is East of the River Corrib.
  • Menlo National School, provides some of the Primary Education.
  • The famous Writer and Novelist, Walter Macken, lived here for some time after building a house in the Village around 1966. This house is still there.
  • A Monument lies to the South East.
  • An Ancient Limestone Stone Pillar is at coordinates of 53.301571 , -9.073476 . Street View , Aerial Map.
  • See the recently famous, Entrance to the Blake Estate of Menlo Castle, with its Californian connection.
  • An small Island of sorts, called Eskyboy ( coordinates; 53.317661 , -9.067331 ) is to the North of Menlo Townland.
  • The Natives have set up a Facebook Page - See "I Luv Menlo" (new window).

Menlo Village

  • In Irish, this place is called Mionloch. It used to be known as Menlough, before the abbreviated form was established.
  • You can still see a traditional Irish Cottage (below), which is well kept.
  • Coolough Village, is due South, as is the Church of Saint Peter and Paul. Another Church existed here, but in a private house.
  • Two Graveyards lie here.
  • A Shop - Maloneys, used to serve the community.
  • This is a Limestone region, but also had bogs.
  • About three miles from Galway City.
  • "The inhabitants of this village amounted in 1841 to 1,100 in 1851 to 764; and in 1861 they had fallen to 682." -
  • Coordinates; 53.302376° , -9.072407°
  • Elevation; About 40 feet, but rises to the East towards the adjoining Townland of Killoughter.
  • As the Lake and River were important components of the transport system of the time, Menlo was well known. Traders, Farmers and visitors would pass here from places like the famous Annaghdown.
  • The Emmetts Rowing Club were from this area, as were the players with Menlo Emmetts .
  • Its thought that the name of Menlo associated with American addresses, had its origins here - a product of emigration in times past. See one example at Menlo Park in California on Wikipedia (new window).
  • 03 September 2010 - The Bogs to the West of Menlo Village caught fire and continued to the next day.
  • See the Names of Household Heads, in the Tithe Applotment Book for Menlo (new window).




1840 Map showing the density of buildings.

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A "Real Account" suggests that "In the primitive village of Menlo, standing at the entrance to Menlo Castle, Firbolg blood is strong" - See for the detail on that.

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