Mc Hugh's Pub or Bar, was/is Landmark in the North-East of Castlegar, County Galway.

Coordinates; 53.313587 , -8.986039.

Townland; Killeen

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Telephone Number; 091 799634

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The Restaurant.

  • Now open, with great reviews from the locals and Visitors.
  • Head Chef is Johnny Kelly.
  • This is a new building to the West of the main and current structure, and upon the grounds of the original structure of 1880.

The Kitchen

  • Modern Spec., and the centre for supplying the Restaurant, Bar Food, and Party requirements.



This was the last of the traditional pubs in Castlegar; no modern fuss of overbearing televisions and jukeboxes, but more a quiet atmosphere for banter, porter and card playing.

Last owned and ran by the highly respected Mc Grath family; there was rarely any trouble here. A common respect was observed by all in it, with mild devilment at most.

It opened at night and Sundays but also sold sweets, taytos and that kind of thing.

Until recent years, a tradition was that the workers at the Ballybrit Racecourse would gather here on the last day; sometimes exercising the arm-wrestling ritual.

You can still find people here, from here; who know the History of Cloonacauneen , Killeen and the general surroundings to Claregalway,


Peter (G), will tell of a Handball Alley, across the road - long gone, and in fact the remains of an R.I.C.


These noble factors lent to a professional atmosphere in a traditional environment - so traditional that lumps of local bogs were jettisonned from working boots without too much fuss, and not for too long.

See Bothan na Cuinne.



Locals may be able to gauge the position of Mc Hugh's now, against this map from the 1840's. The Graveyard, Killeen Castle and Killeen House, are also visible.

The route of the Tuam Road has changed but not a lot. On the Galway City side of Mc Hughs and the Brucky road, a portion of an older Tuam road; remains.

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