An old Mass Path has been reclaimed from the "wilderness" and modern littering practices.

  • This particular Path (as there are others), can be found today at the Western end, behind Saint Columba's Church.
  • The destination was thought to be a Mass Rock in the grounds of the modern Racecourse in Ballybrit. Under British Rule, Roman Catholic gatherings were outlawed (Penal Laws, circa 1600), and they consequently became "underground" movements, where Mass was exercised in remote areas; often requiring an adjustment of location, upon discovery by the "Authority" at the time.
  • Connect Castlegar together with the Residents Association, mobilized a task force to cut the briars and remove the litter. (October 2011).
  • Part of this Path, may be considered to be one or more Boreens.
  • Dwarfed on the West End, by the Ballybane Industrial Estate.

mass path 1940
^ Old map, circa 1840,


^ A Style, where the old Mass Path meets the Road in Parkmore Village.