While maps may be dispersed throughout this site, of Castlegar, County Galway; this will be the main page for how to integrate them, use them, find geo- coordinates and so on.




  1. Castlegar National School
  2. Castlegar Castle
  3. Baby World
  4. Mc Mahons
  5. Kennys garage
  6. An Post sorting centre
  7. Monaghans service station
  8. Castlegar Grotto
  9. Saint Columba's Church
  10. Ballindooley Cross
  11. Menlo National School
  12. K.P.H.
  13. Lyons's Estate
  14. Casserlys Industrial Estate - Pollkeen Industrial Estate.
  15. Mc Hughs Pub
  16. Cloonacauneen Castle
  17. Killeen Castle
  18. Ballybrit Crescent (Back gates of the Racecourse).
  19. Briarhill School
  20. Briarhill Shopping Centre
  21. Flaherty Haulage
  22. Coolough Church (Saint Peter and Paul)

Kml / Kmz files to date; (You must have Google Earth to view)

K.M.L. (keyhole markup language) files are like xml, where you make them, host them on a site, and allow google to index them if you wish. They allow you to embed html, pointing back to your site or specific pages within it.

If indexed, they can be viewed across the world in Google maps and Google Earth; allowing someone from the west of Ireland or the east of Australia to engage directly in the mapping of the earth. Alternatively, you can download them and view them in your Google Earth Desktop version. Kmz is a compressed kml file (which can allow the overlaying of images, icons, etc.). We can change the contents of any public file, later, to refine accuracy and/or descriptions.

If you download all, then it make a pleasant tour of Castlegar.

Another method for quickly making k.m.l. files (maps) is to find coordinates from any source (this website, wikipedia for larger less regional areas, embedded in the urls of yahoo maps or flash earth), and load them into the following web form; http://www.andrewdavidson.com/google-earth-kml-creator/

Ideally, all files should be validated with something like http://www.kmlvalidator.com/home.htm , though Google Earth is not too fussy.