The Lynch Roundabout is one of a list of roundabouts in Castlegar, County Galway.


  • Named after a Galway Tribe.
  • Traditional landmarks nearby were Donnellans cross and the old Briarhill School.
  • Modern facilities to the south east, include the Briarhill Shopping Centre and the Clayton Hote to the West.
  • This is the closest Roundabout to the North of the Coolagh Roundabout / Junction
  • This Junction would have been on the old Galway-Monivea road.
  • About three miles east of Galway city.
  • See a Map of this location to help with directions.
  • Coordinates ; 53.291843 , -8.985897
  • Elevation; 144 feet
  • Nearest Food - K.F.C., Clayton Hotel (which should be visible), Coynes Shop (around the corner) or Jordan's Fish or Chips (to the South, heading - Doughiska).
  • Nearest other Roundabout - Coolagh Junction / Roundabout.

Google Street View of the Lynch Roundabout (new windows);

  • Controversy - Galway City Council agrees by vote of their Councillors, that this Lynch Roundabout, should be replaced by a Traffic - Lighted system. (June 2011). Oddly, the people on the ground are not at all satisfied that the conversion of the French Roundabout, was successful at all - even with the diminished traffic usually associated with a Recession. The Money for Traffic Light conversion has a green light.
  • See Videos of the current Lynch, and a projected Model (update - 2014; these files have moved or being removed )- offering a likeness to the physical structures.
  • Let's hope that this doesn't become known as "Lynch's Folly, Mark II".
  • Photo, 2007; click to enlarge lynch roundabout(copyright -Google)
  • December 2011 - Conversion to Traffic Lights, largely completed. So what is it going to be called henceforth - Lynch Junction, perhaps?


(Feb. 2012) Generally, this "switching" in Traffic Flow arrangements, has been accepted as positive - but throughput may be much less than in a Galway economy which is marked by expansion?