Captain Luke Mullins was in charge of the Racecourse in Balllybrit, Castlegar Galway, before Mr. John Moloney.

See Luke in Ballybrit Racecourse on R.T.E.'s Archive Footage of the Galway Races in 1997 (open in a new window),

  • Captain Mullins, as he was called locally, lived in the same House, as John..
  • Luke was a Brother to the Trainer,
  • ex Irish Army, in the Cavalry.
  • May have been overseas.
  • He hailed from County Killkenny.
  • John Moloney, took over in 1989.
  • Some of us, remember him with that Hat.
  • Trespass, may have been a bigger issue back in the day, than now - and we were warned to keep away ;)
  • Two Witnesses, remember a Renault Car.
  • Luke was present at the Galway Races in 2015 - in a Wheelchair for comfort, but not restricted to it at all.