Please find a list of villages and townlands in Castlegar, County Galway, Ireland.

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Townland Townland and Village Village Comments Irish Name
  Anglingham   Angliham - and known as Gort Na Callow (Gortnacallow)  
  Ardaun   means high spot or hill  

Ballindooly -meaning Town of Dooley.

Castle, Cross-roads, Shop,

Baile an Dubhlaigh
  Ballintemple   Ballintampul - town of the Church. Where was the Church? Baile an Teampaill
  Ballybrit    Racecourse, Graveyard, Castle,  
  Breanloughaun   East of Briarhill. School,  
  Briarhill   Brierhill - the name of a Hill - neither Townland or Village?  
  Bruckey   {Brook-Key} Brucky, Brockagh. South of Killeen  
 Cappanabornia     - east of Loughdavarna.  
  Carrowbrowne    Graveyard, School,  

 See Castlegar Village. 

Pollavurleen, is a Place, and likewise for Pollnapreachaun.

School , Graveyard, Castle, Festival,

Coarsefield     North of Carrowbrowne  
   Coolough   North of Parish. Church.  
  Coolough   To the South. Roundabout / Junction.  
  Cloonacauneen   See Cloonacauneen Castle, Holy Well,  
  Doughiska   No longer in the Parish of Castlegar  
Glenanail     (Glananayle) South of the Sandy River. Around The Trappers Inn and the Ashbrook Housing Estate.  
  Laughtavarna   Saint Columaba's Church . A Village for a time, but not a Townland? Leácht a Bheárna
  Menlo   (Menlough). School , Graveyard, Castle,  
  Parkmore   extends across the hill to the North of the Race Course. Old spelling - Partlinore. South of Two Mile Ditch and Pollkeen.  


Marked on one Map, as a Field at
53.313909 ,  -9.002560

   Two Mile Ditch

Poulkeen, Polkeen. West of Cloonacauneen, and North of the Tuam road for a mile. East of Ballygurrane.

Holy Well.


Poll Caoin
  Killeen   North of Brucky. Graveyard, Chilín
Roscam     Roscannin, no longer in the Parish of Castlegar. See Parish of the Good Shepherd.  

Some Place Names (neither Townland or Village.

Bothan na Cuinne

Fox's Hill. Cooley's.

Boyles Hill


Brier Hill - the name of a Hill in Doughiska - Briarhill - Knockweeldrish, and variants like Hardiman's; Cnuck Weildris, the high hill of the blighted Bush.

Poll na Preachain - Hole of the Crows - Castlegar Townland.

See the Wells..