Kiltullagh / Killtullagh Castle is in the Parish of Castlegar Galway.

It's one of many Castles

A Blake Residence for a few hundred years; with little left now.

A "John Blacke Fitz Richard is given is 1586 as owner" - see Book of Irish Families, on Amazon (new window).

Locals suggest that the last occupants were Glynns or the Glynn family who has no known offspring (ref. W. M.). To the West, was and still large fields, and the landing site of an unofficial Galway Airport.

"54 feet high, built of cut stone, contains a ground floor and 2 upper stories..." See the Library.


Coordinates; 53.313947 , -8.960412

Elevation; might be 55 feet.

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Nearest main road; The Galway to Monive Road.

Townland; Kiltullagh. See Kiltullagh Village.

Previously, in the Parish of Oranmore.

around 1890

Map from sometime after 1890

kiltullagh castle, old map

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In the map above, Kiltullagh Castle is marked in brackets, with the words; in ruins. This was in the 1840's.