Killoughter is a both a Village and Townland in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway.

  • Earlier spellings of this place, have it as Kilroghter.
  • To the South is Ballindooley.
  • West is Menlo
  • North is Anglingham
  • Eastwards is Carrowbrowne.
  • In the English language, Killoughter means Coill Uachtair, or upper wood.
  • Elevation; varies, but a typical value may be 98 feet (29.870 metres).
  • Coordinates; 53.315063 , -9.041724 ,
  • As it is difficult enough to define a Townland with a map, we will use a known point in the middle of it (based on the coordinates above). See dynamic Map for this place.
  • Get an idea of who lived here with the 1911 Census.
  • Compare it perhaps, with the Griffith Valuation of the 1850's
  • bóthar na smaointe - See Mary Gardiners Facebook, for some great images of the locality and Families (new window).
  • August 2014. John O Connell launches a Book on this Townland and his memories in it.

old map

^Old map from the 1840's.


^ Aerial View, click image to open a dynamic map of Killoughter (53.31621 , -9.039793 )


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