Killeen is the Name of a Townland in the Parish of Castlegar Galway.

North of Bruckey and South of Cloonacauneen.

Nearest main road - N17 - The Galway - Tuam Road.

General Coordinates; 53.313636 , -8.98446

Elevation; 100 feet upwards.

Most known for;

1) Killeen Castle and the former House (see old map, and the property of Marcus Blake for a time - 53.313197 , -8.980646).

2) Graveyard - The Lisheen

3) Mc Hugh's Bar and Restaurant

4) And the lesser known, R.I.C. Barracks.

old map

^Extract from the 1840's.

Tobereeney Holy Well is outside the image, to the North - but there may be another Well in both images.


^ A dynamic map of this area.