Killeen Castle is one of many Castles in Castlegar, County Galway, Ireland.

In the Irish language, this place is known as Caisleáin an Chillín - Castle of Killeen, the town land name. Killeen means small church.

Location; Access is either by

  1. the Galway to Tuam Road (N17) . About a mile south of Mc Hughs pub ( lat. 53.313605 and long. -8.985964 ).
  2. From the Galway to Monivea road (Regional road - R339), turning north up Ballintemple and onto Bruckey.

Built in the fourteenth century by Redmond Burke

"In 1586, William and Edmund McWilliam Ffiegh are given as the owners of Kellyn (Killeen) Castleref. google books).

"in 1814 Killeen Castle is recorded as the home of Marcus Blake" ( reference and read more). So, we have Blakes at Killeen, and Cloonacuaneen Castle.



This Castle is in very good condition, as is visible by the modern velux-type windows / skylights on the roof of the extension.

This is a private residence now.

This castle may be best viewed in Flashearth (new window).

Latitude; 53.312779

Longitude; -8.978797

Local business; Mc Hughs bar and food (new ownership recently, but still known as such).

Killeen House was a separate structure and another location - visible to some degree on the Mc Hugh's old Map.

The Lisheen Graveyard in Killeen is nearby.


photo of killeen castle