Pollkeen (Polkeen) is a townland in Castlegar, Galway.

  • Following are names of people listed in Griffith's Valuation for Castlegar, living in this place in 1855.
  • Some Family names are no longer in this place.
  • Other Family names have descendants of another name, eg. the Jennings, while more are still here or nearby.
  • Pollkeen is East of Ballygurrane, North of Parkmore and west of Cloonacauneen.
  • The spelling of Silk may or may not, now be Silke.
  • You may wish to open the 1911 Census for Pollkeen (Pollakeen) in a new window, and compare the occupants.
  • Two Mile Ditch would be included in this.


Valuation of Tenements - Electoral Division of Ballintemple - Parish of Oranmore (83)

83 82
Martin Barnacle William Fahy
Martin Feeney Bryan Fahy
Martin Barnacle William Fahy
Martin Conern Bryan Fahy
Martin Feeney William Fahy
Martin Feeney Bryan Fahy
Martin Conern William Fahy
Patrick Jennings Bryan Fahy
Martin Conern Patrick Fahy
Patrick Jennings Patrick Fahy
Martin Conern Bryan Fahy
Patrick Jennings Sarah Fahy
Martin Conern Bartholw. Rooane
Patrick Jennings Martin Fallon
John Connor Sarah Fahy
John Connor Bartholomew Rooane
John Connor James Rooane
Martin Conern Martin Fallon
Mary Kavanagh Edward Cahill
Edward Curley Michael Hanley
Honoria Mc Hugh Martin Fallon
Patrick Monaghan Martin Barnacle
Judith Donohoe Martin Barnacle
Bridget Langan Martin Barnacle
Patrick Jennings Martin Feeney
Edward Walsh Martin Barnacle
John Silk Martin Feeney
Michael Walsh  
Michael Walsh  
William Fahy  
Patrick Casserly  
Patrick Casserly  
Patrick Silk  
Patrick Silk  
John Feeney  
Bryan Feeney  
Honoria Feeney  
Patrick Fallon