• Griffith's Valuation of Castlegar includes records for Ballindooley (Ballindooly)
  • The context was around 1855 and Ballindooley was spelled without the "e".
  • The Electoral Division was Carrowbrowne, and the Parish was Oranmore at the time.
  • Immediate Lessors were Lord Clanmorris (connected with Ballindooley Castle ), William Hogan, Andrew Connor, and William Glynn.


Patrick Glynn

Stephen Fahy

Peter Glynn

William Hogan

John Lee

William Silk

Andrew Connor

Mary Lee

Matthias Conroy

William Glynn

Mary Higgins

Timothy Lee

Ellen Berry

  • You may be interested in comparing this with the 1911 Census of Ballindooley (new window), where we can find new but familiar family names.



Anglingham, spelled as Angliham / Gortacallow (river meadow). Lessor was Thomas A. Joyce.

James Small

Thomas Small

James Small

Thomas Small

James Small

Thomas Small

Michael Leonard

Francis Leonard

Thomas Birmingham

John Mullowney

Henry Abbott