Doughiska used to be a Townland and Village in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway, but is now in the Parish of the Good Shepherd.

The old Doughiska Village was East (higher concentration of building on old maps) and around the intersection at at the top of the hill, so using this as the center;

Coordinates; 53.279995 , -8.976445

Elevation; 120 feet (36.576 metres).

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  • A Well was situated South of this same intersection / junction, until recently enough. Likewise for the now closed but historic Black Marble Quarry.
  • To the South, is the Castlegar Complex and hurling pitches.
  • Doughiska, a relatively old name, is said to mean "Drink of Water". (Ref. J.F.)
  • East of the crossroads is Merlin Park Lane also known as Merlin Lane.
  • As the crow flies, this junction is 270 metres North West of the Martin Roundabout.
  • Doughiska is just over two miles East of Galway City, and immediately west of the Coolagh Junction / Roundabout, and the west end of the M6 motorway.

Today, the main Housing concentrations are North of the coordinates above, and centered around 53.275808 , -8.969778

Some Housing Estate names;

Tur Uisce, An Fiodan, Garran Ard, Coill Tir, Fearann Ri, Fionn Uisce, Caislean Thorlaigh, An Sean Bhaile (The old Town). These are to the North are didn't exist twenty years ago.

To the South and often considered as Roscam are Estates named Ros Caoin, Duirling, Caiseal Cam, Garrai Sheain, Boireann Bheag. Centered around 53.283713, -8.982192

A National School is pegged for the general areas of Doughiska, Roscam and Ardaun. Local initiatives for the naming of this School, has returned some consensus for the name of Merlin Woods National School.


See Doughiska occupants around 1850 and around 1911

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