Coopers Cave is in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway, Ireland.

  • It is just North - West of the Housing Estate of Barr Aille and between the end points of the Sandy River, though much closer to the west one.
  • The entrance is overgrown with briars but can still be accessed by the nimble and adventurous. The opening is about two feet high and four feet wide. You could pass this place and not even notice signs of a cave, so some diligence is needed to even find it. See coordinates below.
  • It goes down and sweeps left for about fifteen yards.
  • Sometimes, you can hear dripping water.
  • A broad sample of rubbish lies on the floor, but is not too off-putting.
  • Legends or folklore suggest that this Cave went as far as the Racecourse; something we can't verify or refute, just yet. Oddly, a similar claim was made about a cave in Two Mile Ditch?
  • A brief romantic message is painted overhead.
  • It appears that the ground has been raised, decreasing the size of the opening as well as some of the way in.
  • About 93 metres in a straight line, North of Bothar Na dtreabh.
  • Thanks for the input of Darren.

Coordinates; 53.292717 , -9.024055

Elevation ; 37 feet

See Map on Flash Earth of this location.

Photographs ( a proper photographer is needed :)


^ Entrance, after filtering through the brush.


^ With a remote camera, you'd see something like the above photograph, looking out of the cave.