Coolough (North) is the Name of a Townland and Village in the North of the Parish of Castlegar, Galway.

It is referred to as North (sometimes, North Ward), because there is another Townland to the The South.

  • See Griffith's Valutation.
  • 1901 Census, and that of 1911 (new windows)
  • Saint Peter and Paul's Church is here.
  • Menlo National School, facilitates the Education, on a Primary level.
  • Known as Coolagh, also, in older times.
  • A few Lakes are present.
  • Ballinfoile, Ballinfoyle is South.
  • Castlegar Townland is to the East.
  • Menlough / Menlo, is to the North.
  • The Old Village was concentrated around (here - new window) - Coordinates; 53.298142 , -9.053731
  • The Road which veers North West towards Menlo, didn't exist. A Bridge was here for a time.
  • The word in the old map, looks like sickeen na mallagh or sickeennamallagh? This Juncture was flooded as recent as 30 or 40 years ago, and more so, back in the day.
  • In recent years; a Company known as Lackagh Rock had a Limestone Quarry here, and C.and H., before that.

old map

^ Old Map from the 1840's.


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