Coolough (South) is the Name of a Townland and Village, to the South of Castlegar Parish, Galway - There is another Townland of the same Name to the North.

Spelt as Coolagh, also, in older times.

Nearest Main Junction; The Coolagh Junction

Coordinates; 53.291177 , -8.978042

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Elevation; 137 feet.

This Townland and Village is South of Breanloughaun , and South of the Galway to Monivea Road, and North of Doughiska.

See who lived here, in the 1840's - Griffith's Valuatation.

Old Map Coolough South

^ Old Map from the 1840's, Copyright - showing the Old Village , and the Old School in the top left Corner, near Donnellans Cross.



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street view

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