• Castlegar Village is in the parish of Castlegar, and is the area around the Castlegar Village Castle from which Castlegar gets its name - An Caisleán Gearr.
  • It is situated between the Tuam road and the Headford road on the west side; specifically on the Bothar Na Coiste Road.
  • It is also flanked on the West by the relatively new housing estate of Cluain Riocaird
  • This Village is fairly unique being so old looking within the Galway City environment. Luckily enough, it hasn't been swamped by urban sprawl and high rise dwellings.
  • The locals have a deep sense of history as evidenced by the Boreen Festival of 2009 and have old photographs, new ones, ancient stories and the makings of newer ones. Indeed, the Community spirit brought about the inception of a group - Connect Castlegar - to consolidate its heritage and modern reality.
  • An unused Well lies here.
  • Old sheds, houses and tracks still mark the landscape. Of navigation note perhaps are the Spellman's Boreens and The Castle Boreen.

village photographs

^ Photos depicting generations from the village, hung on a gable-end for viewing during the '09 Festival.

^ A Village and Villagers, both consumed with the history before them.

Local families (recent history) who should never be forgotten include Welsh, Maloney, Hynes, Roonan and Ryan and Tully; the people who gave the village its character.
Today, Castlegar Village is much the same around the areas adjacent to the Castle. New families have settled up and down the road, establishing new generations. Some, have deep roots in the general area, while others are forging something new in something older.

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