This is one of three Primary (National / N.S. ) schools in Castlegar, County Galway.


Recently, this School has its own dedicated Website at and a fine job too. So that should be the main communication avenue.


A very insightful blog still exists at which has great information, history and photographs, onsite.

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  • This school also serves as a Polling centre for voting, as does its Briarhill counterpart, indeed.
  • As was common throughout Ireland for a time, all classes used to be given in Irish ( Gailge), so its little wonder that many from their mid-forties onwards, are fairly fluent and can tie you up with a cúpla focal as gailge.
  • Pupils used to be from Castlegar village , Ballindooley, Ballinfoyle, Two Mile Ditch and around the school itself. With the mobility offered by cars, pupils now; can be from anywhere.
  • It was strongly influenced by the Roman Catholic church, in the past. Today, its more about co-operation rather than governance.

A famous former headmaster who many still remember is Mr. Rafferty of Parkmore, Casltegar as well as Mr. Reilly of Cluain.

Geographical Cooridinates are 53° 18′ 05.92″ North (53.301595 ) and 9° 01′ 07.74″ West ( -9.018853 )

Elevation ; 115 feet ( 35 Metres)

See the Confirmation Class in 1950 and another from the same time (opening in new windows.

See map of Saint Colmcille's on Flashearth
View in the dynamic map of Castlegar Primary School. (Google)