The Castlegar Hurling Club had manys the good year and turned out some exceptional hurlers.

A dedicated and up to date website is at so we'll just examine the basics here.

Hurling, Camogie, and Juvenile, are played in the Pitches near the Castlegar Sports Complex.

Castlegar Colours; Alternating Green and White, horizontal stripes.

Team Colors

Now though, they seem to have become wider bands rather than

narrow stripes.












The community pitches are located in Doughiska and the club house also serves as The Church of the Good Shepherd. Known locally as "The Complex", this land was purchased over thirty years ago (circa 1975 ), mainly through the financial sacrifice and contributions of the locals. Was it a hundred old pounds per house? And roughly 13,000 old pounds for the site?

In its early years, the complex was popular enough for badminton and squash, as well as card playing, dances (anyone remember Matt Cunningham and "the seige of Ennis or the Caledonian ?), and a facility for the occassional 21st party. Fás schemes, helped with the development of the property.

Negotiations were ongoing during the Celtic Tiger, to sell this property and relocate to other proposed locations. This didn't happen yet.



Camogie update.

Michael and Anne Broderick retire with a party on the 15th May 2009, from their contributions to Castlegar Camogie. That was held in the "City Limits".