Castlegar Church ( Saint Columba 's ) is one of three Churches in Castlegar and is located a few hundred yards on the South East side of the Tuam Road ( N17 ), up by the landmark of Leader's Shop .

  • Coordinates; 53.294926, -9.013467
  • Elevation; about 96 feet or 29 metres, consistent enough with the old map below.
  • Townland - Castlegar.

On the Galway city side of the Church, you can spend some time in the Grotto.


Father (now, a Canon) Michael Reilly is the Parish Priest; phone (091) 751548

To Email the Parish Secretary for Burial, Marraige or other information, please use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Saint Columba's Church, gets a makeover, in 2015 - and is stunning.

Saint Columba's Church

^" Walk" around this Church, in Google Street View, by clicking the image above (new window).

In the 1970's, a Local Builder added more space with extensions to the left and right hand sides - adding more light and changing a Rectangle into a polygon.


  • Grotto
  • Old names of this area - Lachtdavarna and Leaghtifarda (Hardiman's History of Galway).
  • The older Church was south of Ballygurrane Village.
  • Canon Hyland.
  • Below, an Old Ordnance Map from the 1840's. ,

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Old map of the Church

Castlegar Church is marked as R.C. Chapel.
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A Thumb image above, from 1957 (Mary), Click it to open a high resolution version, for identification purposes.