Carrowbrowne is the name of a Village and Townland in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway.

  • See Carrowbrowne Graveyard.
  • See Griffith's Valuation for land owners living in Carrowbrowne in the 1850's.
  • The 1911 Census may have a different angle.
  • The Townland used to be part of Lord Oranmore and Browne's estate ... Read on..
  • One of Castlegar's Castles in situated to the South East - Carrowbrowne Castle.
  • This is not easy to verify, but this place may have been known as Qwarown Browne ?
  • Toward the South of this Townland, is the Graveyard, one of many in Castlegar.
  • To the South is Pollkeen and Ballygurrane.
  • To the North West is Killoughter.
  • Sample Coordinates for Carrowbrowne are 53.316441 , -9.025679 . Village Coordinates; 53.32091 , -9.031392.
  • Elevation - Varies, but roughly 79 to 26 feet (24.079 to 7.92 metres).
  • The Geology changes from rocky hills to marshy bogs.
  • Carrowbrowne National School
  • Carrowbrowne is on both sides of the N84 (Galway to Headford Road, which is relatively new, compared to the Townland), and about three miles North East of Galway City.

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carrowbrowne village

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