• Bóthar na Choiste means Road of the Coaches and is in the Castlegar, County Galway, Ireland.
  • It is so named because the Blakes of Menlo Castle used this as a route for their horse-drawn coaches.
  • It connects the South end of the School road to the Headford road (N84).
  • This road is winding to circumvent the lower and flooded areas of the time, and the more elevated areas around it.
  • Access to the Village Castle in Castlegar Village, is by this road.
  • The Northern section of this road was lost and replaced by a wide access road to the new Housing developments.
  • Folklore suggested for a time that a Coach was sometimes seen, driven by a headless Coachman.


The East end of the Sandy river is nearby.

Proposals are ongoing (late 2009) to reduce the speed limit to 60 kilometres per hour/ 37.28 miles per hour, for safety reasons.


Coordinates for East end; 53.295874 , -9.016449 See Yahoo map.

Westerly End; 53.296297 , -9.032435 . See Map.