Bothan Na Cuinne, is a name of a Place in Castlegar, Galway.

  • It was neither a Townland or a Village.
  • There seems to be many variants like bothannacuinne, bothannacunna and so on.
  • A Bothán was a Shack like structure, but without the modern Polythene.
  • Cuinne is an Irish Word meaning Corner.
  • Many Locals have heard of the Name - some were labeled as being from here, and took it that it was some sort of slang word associated with Killeen Townland.

Prompted by Enda O F., in a bid to trace his ancestors, an impromtu meeting was held to hammer out the History of Bothan na Cuinne.

One Man heard that it was a name attached to an old House, near where Mc Hughs Pub stands today.

He also heard an older story, which told of 32 Families from Mayo, who built Bothans against the Boundary Wall between Killeen and Pollkeen, as one heads towards Bruckey. This Wall would provide Shelter and one side of the structures.

If this is true, then this Place was in Pollkeen, technically?

General Coordinates;   53.313123 , -8.985754

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The Boundary can be seen in the map below;



Thanks to Bridget, Peter, Enda and Mick.