Ballybrit is both the name of a Village and Townland in the Parish of Castlegar, County Galway.

  • In Irish, this is Báile Briota - Britt's Town or the Town of Britt.
  • Historically, it may be known as Ballybritt.
  • This place is due North of Briarhill and South of Parkmore and west of Breanloughan.
  • General Coordinates; 53.297489 , -8.985609
  • General Elevation of this area; 140 feet plus.

Some may have thought of the Village as being at the newly-named Ballybrit Crescent, but was South of that towards the junction known as Donnellans Cross.

Notable places in Ballybrit;

Some Wells are / were, scattered about.

The Pope visits Ballybrit.

Pope John Paul the second came to Galway in 1979 and the Ballybrit Racecourse was chosen as a venue for that event. Even the non-Religious attended.

Ballybrit never saw as much blue rope and as many Yellow School Busses, as it did that year. The rope became temporary partitions for providing structure, while the Buses joined the conventional Coaches, for transmitting the people to and from the corners of Ireland.

Students from the Bish (St. Josephs) and other schools were "deployed" for the after-event clean-up.

This was a large logistical operation by today's standards, let alone those of 1979 but the good people of Castlegar provided assistance too for more rudimentary affairs, and allowed access to their domestic bathrooms.

See who lived here around the 1850's with Griffith's Valuation of Ballybrit.

See also, 1911 with the Census.


^Ballybrit House, long gone, is somewhere under the dual carraigeway.

While below, we can see the Graveyard and the Old School, recently knocked.


Below, we see Brier Hill, which doesn't appear to be a Townland, but rather the name of a Hill.


These excellent Maps were from around 1840.

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