Ballindooley Lake is South of the Galway to Headford road (N84), on the right.

This Lake is in the Townland of Ballindooley (Ballindooly), within the Parish of Castlegar, Galway. Also, just one of other Lakes in this area.

Ballindooley Castle lies to the North and Ballygurrane to the East and is thought to have been connected to the water ways of the Corrib. Directly south is Cluain Riocard housing estate; 0.86 kilometre from the centre of the lake to the shops.

  • Available fish species are Pike, Perch, Rudd and Tench.
  • A Crannóg is still at this place.
  • Elevation - 11 to 13 metres?. Maybe 8 Metres lower than the Castle.
  • Coordinates for approximate centre of the Lake; 53.306104° , -9.027373° / 53° 18' 21.9738" , -9° 1' 38.5428".
  • Its greatest width is approximately 320 metres or 1,054.5 feet. The greatest height is approx. 935.95 feet or 285.28 metres


The photograph above is of a Common Rudd and below is that of a Tench.


Below is a sample photograph of a European Perch. The Ballindooley Perch may not look like this?


^ Rough Statistics;

68389.83 m²
0.07 km²
An impressive 16.90 acres
736141.99 feet²

Download K.m.l. (kmz) folder of Ballindooley Lake. Should open Google Earth automatically, if you have it.