October the Fourth, brought the first organised Arts and Heritage day to Castlegar, Galway. Hopefully, more events will manifest themselves in the future, and this is the main page for the logical organisation and linking strategies to them, as they emerge.

  1. The Spellman's Boreen Festival, 2009.- organised by Connect Castlegar.
  2. The Boreen Festival of 2010.


Arts, covers many areas and disciplines. As Catherine C. (herself an Artist) defined it; "anything which can be taught and anything which can be learned". It can include the following;

  • Music - Traditional or comtemporary
  • Painting - Water Colour, Oil Painting, Pastels, etc.,
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Sculpture - Brass, bronze, stone, metal, plaster, wood and even gold in affluent circumstances.


Heritage stems from anything inherited, which is not necessarily confined to physical things, but can include

Stories, fables or folklore, etc..

Enveloped in this, is history - Graves, Castles, roads as they were, Monuments and commemorative Plaques, specific cultures and buildings, whether listed or not.