Anglingham is a Townland, in the Parish of Castlegar, Galway.

Anglingham is an English Word; its Irish name is Gortnacallow / Gortacallow / Gort a calla, and other variations. Anglingham, can also be spelled; Angliham, in older times. This means "Field of the Callows".

  • This Townland was once owned by Thomas Bateman and is North West of Killoughter.
  • Borders the Corrib Lake.
  • Covered in some depth in Padraic Small's Book - Radharc na Neasgai.
  • Famous for its Marble (more correctly; a particular Limestone, which polished well) Quarries, a Quay and an old burial grounds on the Lake side. Also regular Limestone Quarrying.
  • Elevation - anywhere from 5 metres to 22 metres.
  • Coordinates - roughly 53.318160 lat., and -9.057333° longitude.
  • Downlioad kmz file for Anglingham.

^With the Video above; we overlay an image of a Map from the circa 1842, onto a Google Earth Image of 2003. Note; one Homestead is reliable / unchanged - as are some of the Roads.

The boundary with the Lake Corrib, has changed - only guessing; that the English Military had Standards when their Engineers were "measuring" the Land (estimating the shore line. with regard to depth), or that the Google Images have different parameters.

An Island is miising: "Eskyboy", by the looks of it?

Anglingham Island is also missing today? Its possible that this Island is the one reffered to as Englisham / Englishman's Island ? - a Spelling and Pronounciation occurrence, which is common.

The Thick Green Lines on the old Map, are Landlord Boundaries. The old map is consistent enough, with the modern Elevation. The fields are manicured in such a way, as to permit "natural drainage" - from high to low.

Was it Erosion, an allowance for it, or a change in the drainage / mapping policy?



modern map